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Really good art and music and very polished.
If it was actually anything at all, I probably would have rated 5 stars, easy.

I really loved the credits, though. Some really funny lines mixed up in the boring ones.

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Creepy and enthralling

Few things that are very random manage to keep interest like your work. I don't know how you do it! You KNOW that something weird and unexpected is going to happen, and yet you still feel like; "wow, didn't see that coming".
I think it's the good mix of childish looking drawings, ambient background music, creepy voicing and the knowledge that something from the unknown will happen next.

I can't tell if Salad Fingers is crazy, or the actual world around him is that messed up.
I can't tell if this has a deeper meaning, or is just interestingly creepy...

I can tell that it's brilliant.

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Linking Geometry with Spirituality

It was spoken really well. The animation was smooth, but the graphics had some nasty edges in a few places. It was all still smooth, stylish and well put together. The music fit, and it gave the feel of a fun lecture.

Is this production in any way influenced by "Extra Credits"?

Just a few things I want to point out;
Crop circles are a relatively new thing. They certainly weren't around in the days when basic geometry was first being explored. I'm not even sure if they had proper crops or any way to actually look at the shapes made. Certainly no reason to believe in aliens..
A spiritual explanation of geometry was given only by the people who first found it because they themselves believed in the soul and that everything was created by some form of divine being, etc. It doesn't mean it's true.
The information we have obtained isn't from the actual image, it's from the fact that they are perfect circles. Circles are the basis of pretty much all geometry, and it's not because of a spirit in a void, it's because every point on the circle is the same distance away from the centre. That it builds up the entire universe is because we've made rules off of it to explain nature, not because of the spirit. (In my eyes at least)

No matter what you believe in, though it was interesting...

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Overall; crappy

It looks ok-ish. The music is damn good.
But oh god, the glitchy fighting... the pace is right, which a lot of games don't seem to get, but the hit test for the people and the attacks are so far off...
And it's so unbalanced... Naruto's special move does the same amount of damage as Sasukes, but Narutos is a guaranteed hit, becuase it stops everything else. Sasukes has such a large amount of time to charge that you can knock them into the air, then start charging it and they have enough time to land and hit you before you have half finished...
I have also found a glitch; when you are playing as Sasuke and you start charging your Chidori, and Hatake Kakashi uses his ninja dog summon a few times in a row and hits you while you are charging, you no longer can move...
Also, platforms and a larger map would be nice...
Despite this games overall crappiness it is quite fun to play...

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I liked it

But unfortunately it lagged wayy too much on my computer to play.

I think the ability to jump would be good.
I think the heads should be smaller and you do more damage if you hit the head (more of a bonus that you currently do)

The rest was good. Good graphics, good gore, good weapons, it's a good game.

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toge-games responds:

hi thanks for playing, yeah this game is quite graphics & physics intensive, try playing in low quality and see if that works
cheers ^.^

Pointless, and even for your first game...horrible

If you are going to make a game make it something people will actually want to play. I can't comprehend why you would think that this would be worth uploading to Newgrounds. If you do want to make dress up games, then at least spend some time thinking about what it will look like. The "faces" don't fit with the eyes, and the egg headed one is upsidedown to what a normal head should be.

Lwigui responds:

I know , i just made this game in one hour.

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Didn't strike me as... well anything really.
Quite uninteresting.
It wasn't a horrible failed attempt at making music. It was just a... a nothing. It didn't go anywhere...

Repetition can work if you have an epic sound, but you didn't.

I would have liked a larger vocal pitch range

Not to say that it was really good, I just think that you tend to stick to a rather small vocal range and I think it's responsible for the small feeling of bland-ness I get from your music.
I love your lyrics, btw.

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The different melodies needed to flow better

or worse if contrast is what you are going for.
Although each melody was different and did work in the same song, it still felt like you got a bunch of little 1-2 second 'ditty's and put them together end to end to complete the song.
Somehow lacked strength.
Nevertheless, it sounded pretty cool at parts.

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