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My new game is here! Not that you care

2008-10-21 08:14:52 by Multihunter

Go see! ... Please?..... ok fine... read this then, see if I care...

Guess what? I've started a new game too! It's an up scroller (as apposed to a side scroller). Yeah it's hopefully gonna be better than my last game... so.... yeah.... you can go now.....


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2009-02-16 00:16:48

Top scroller might be a more parallel term than up scroller, or if you want to go geometry; base scroller.


2009-04-01 03:54:13



2009-05-05 08:24:42

This was posted a while ago, and I finished that "up scroller". It was really crappy. So crappy I won't even upload it onto Newgrounds. I uploaded it onto Kongregate for the competition at the time. It did about as good as I expected: Not very. Yeah, so if you want to play a horribly buggy, difficult and annoying game, just visit: hunter/forest-destroyer
(take out the space)


2009-09-11 02:34:21

hello mltihntr! I made an account just fro fun and it is all my fault =*(.


2010-08-16 17:49:47